New Mexico
TRIPS...When we retired in 1995, one of our highest priorities was to accomplish some serious traveling. So, besides flying to Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Mexico, Spain and Germany and cruising the Caribbean, Hawaii, Mexican Riviera, South America, Eastern and Western Europe, Baltic countries and Tahiti, we wandered around all 49 of the continental United States, and through Mexico and Canada with our travel trailer. Dave likes to go places, but he's always thrilled to get back home. Pat, on the other hand, has "gypsy feet" and is ready to take off anytime and stay till Dave pleads, "I wanna go HOME!"

Grand Canyon, Arizona
Panama Canal

Portland, Maine

Seward, Alaska

Key West, Florida

Lake Dillon, Colorado

        Our latest travel adventures......

     During summer 2005 we loaded our trailer and drove
     east, first stopping in Colorado to see our sons. We
     spent a couple of weeks in Ohio visiting our parents
     and then headed to Atlantic Canada.
     Click HERE to see photos from our journey

     In March 2006, along with Pat's sister Betsy and
     her husband John, we toured New Zealand and
     Australia, including Tasmania.
     Click HERE to see pictures from "DOWNUNDER."

     We started our summer 2006 trip when we drove to
     Colorado for Tim's June wedding to Susan, then
     we visited our parents in Ohio and traveled home
     through the northern USA, visiting 13 states.
     Click HERE to see photos from the WEDDING and TRIP.

     In June 2008 we took an Eastern European river cruise
    through Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Hungary.
    Click HERE to see photos from our RIVER CRUISE.

Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii

Durango, Colorado

Cayman Islands

Bondi Beach, Australia

Graceland in
Memphis, Tennessee

Baja, Mexico

Bavaria, Germany
Chancanab Ruins in
Costa Maya, Mexico
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