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     I've enjoyed trains and modeling since I was a boy. Having a house built, and new landscaping, provided an opportunity to build an outdoor layout. Construction on my "G" scale railroad started in July 1996. I elevated the railroad to 18" for ease of work and visibility, using concrete blocks for walls.


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     Because our backyard is bordered by open desert, my railroad has occasional wildlife visitors. Our milkman disappeared and his cast-iron milk-truck was dragged through Mule Ear and overturned by our back wall, evidently by a kidnapper who was unable to lift the truck. The main suspect is a packrat.

     A mound of dirt that appeared overnight near the Indian village yielded a half-eaten rabbit, probably buried by a coyote. I removed the carcass and refilled the hole with dirt, only to find it dug up again the next morning! Other wildlife visiting our railroad have included a doe and her fawn eating petunias, a bobcat and snakes drinking from our pond, and birds building nests in the tunnel.

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