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Enhance your special event with a performance by this talented dancing group.

The Coyote Country Cloggers, a group composed of energetic women mostly in their 60's and 70's, dance to country western, gospel and bluegrass music. The CCC have been performing over 21 years.

A popular feature of their shows is "The Teach," during which the director calls out steps and the cloggers demonstrate how each is performed. "The Teach" concludes with a brief performance of those same steps performed without music.

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What is Clogging?

     Clogging is thought to be an ancestor of tap dancing. It is a form of social or folk dance that appeals to all age levels and cultures because of its natural rhythm and intricate sounds.

There are two kinds of clogging today...
  1. Recreational, which is taught in lines and the dances are choreographed to fit the music.
  2. Competition, where the routines are memorized and couples or group formations are commonly used.
     Clogging taps on shoes are two-layered and produce an extra sound when contact is made between the two layers. A set consists of two toe taps and two heel taps.

Where did Clogging originate?

     Clogging as it is known today started in the 1930's in the Appalachian regions of the south. Clogging is danced to all kinds of music including country western, bluegrass, pop, rock and rap. Clogging is an activity suitable for young children, senior citizens and everyone in between.
Clogging is an aerobic exercise.

Clogging is a family activity.

Clogging requires no partner.

Clogging is exposure to all kinds of music.

Clogging is relaxing.

Clogging is FUN! FUN! FUN!

     Our patriotic costumes and dances are very popular on Veterans Day and Fourth of July.
     In Sept 1998 the cloggers traveled to Tennessee and appeared on The Nashville Network's national televised shows "Club Dance" and "The Crook and Chase Show." They spent a week in the Nashville and Knoxville areas taping the shows, touring attractions and sightseeing.

     The cloggers in Nashville, Tennessee, with popular country singer Mark Wills

     At Possum Trot 2010 with
national clogging teachers Jeff Driggs and Scotty Bilz

     Entertaining at Tucson's 2004 Race for the Cure with Hi-Horse Cloggers. Janet Napolitano, former Arizona Governor, is in the back row wearing a red shirt.

Performances by the Coyote Country Cloggers include:
  • Tucson Rodeo Parade
  • Tucson Oktoberfest at Hi Corbett Field
  • Pima County Fair
  • Old Tucson Studios
  • Tucson and Pinal County Bluegrass Festivals
  • Two appearances on the national TV show "Club Dance"
  • National Clogging Convention at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas
  • Exhibition on Carnival cruise ship "Spirit"
  • Reid Park Zoo
     Some of their favorite songs for dancing are "Rocky Top," "Cowboy Sweetheart" by LeAnn Rimes, and a rousing version of the hymn "Amazing Grace."

     In November 2003, the Coyote Country Cloggers performed at the National Clogging Convention in Las Vegas. They joined Phoenix's Arizona Pride dancers in the Friday Night Showcase, a performance by more than 300 dancers in a spectacular choreographed show, "Viva Las Vegas" presented at Caesars Palace.


     In January 2006, the Coyote Country Cloggers celebrated their ten years of dancing and performing by participating in a clogging cruise with national instructor Jeff Driggs and hundreds of other cloggers. They cruised along the Mexican Riviera on the Carnival ship "Spirit" and performed in an exhibition for fellow cloggers and ship's guests.


During Thanksgiving weekend 2006, the cloggers participated in an exhibition (a spoof of the TV show "America's Got Talent") at the National Clogging Convention held at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort in Phoenix, Arizona. Performing with the Hi-Horse Cloggers, they saluted the U.S.A. with a rousing medley of patriotic songs.

Clogging Classes and Events

     Clogging is very popular in the Southwest, and all levels of classes are available in Phoenix, Tucson and nearby areas. Information on schedules, instructor lists, performances, workshops and dances in the Southwest are available on the web pages listed below.

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